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Meet the amazing saxophone playing of Jerry Donato. This solo debut music CD is a wonderful collection of standards played beautifully.

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Great Sax for Great Tracks - from a consumate pro. Send Jerry your demo or rough track, include your directions, charts, or instructions and Jerry will send you an initial "audio draft" track for your review: You won't be disappointed..guaranteed. Great turn times.

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Songs featuring Jerry Donato

Give a listen to the versitility and finesse of Jerry Donato's amazing sax playing on this collection of audio samples. The playlist includes a variety of musical styles and tempos - and the playing is top-notch throughout. Check out these great samples for here


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Ian Wallace & Marc Bonilla perform King Crimson's 21st Century Schizoid Man along with Jerry Donato, Mick Mahan and Ed Roth on youtube.

Jerry Donato , Jack Radavich , Armand Boatman , Dan Tomlinson and Clint Strong on

Gino Vannelli & horn section Patrick Lamb, Wes Marshall & Jerry Donato

Nicole Pesce, Bob Lashier & Jerry Donato at the Jazz Church in Sedona

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Testimonial - Bob Freedman, Arranger / Composer

"I once told Jerry, sincerely, that any time I might need to assemble a band he would be the first player I’d call. He has been able to read down any part I have ever written for him, not only accurately but with a true understanding and feeling for whatever style the music was in. On more than one occasion, such as when I was composing a piece for Ron Carter’s big band album, I have asked him to try some tricky passages I intended to give one of the reed players to let me know if they were manageable. He’s never failed to “manage” any of them. Jerry is the consummate professional and always makes a great contribution to any musical endeavor which is fortunate enough to have involved him."